We Live Here
//We Live Here

A community-driven campaign

“I Live Here” is something that many inhabitants of the Red Light District have yelled out of their windows. They hang up notices or call out “I Live Here!” at visitors who are causing nuisance. The City Council wants to lend additional support with a local campaign that has been devised in consultation with local residents.

The aim of this campaign is to make visitors more aware that normal people live in the Red Light District and to take this into account. Many visitors are unaware that people live there, but experience teaches us that they modify their behaviour if they are actively informed of this. By using photos of residents on windows and doors we can reinforce that effect. The initial manifestations appeared in the streetscape of the Red Light District from early June. NV Zeedijk, De Key housing corporation and 1012 Inc. are keen supporters of the initiative and are making windows and doors available for campaign publicity. Media such as beer mats and posters are being employed in cooperation with local bars and restaurants. The impact of the various strands of the campaign will be assessed at the end of 2018.

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